I'm Molly, a 20 year old Psychology student living in England with a passion for food, beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

'Mojo' was my Mum's nickname for me when I was little, and although it's use is far less frequent now, I still love it (partly due to 'Mojo, baby!', thank you Austin Powers). So when I was brainstorming names for my little place on the internet, and Mojo popped into mind, I knew it was meant to be. I created somewhere where I could talk about the things I love, from beauty products to coatigans to recipe creations, without slowly driving my family to insanity (unfortunately they care little about how stripes are just so wearable) and so here we are!

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and babble, please leave me a comment or tweet me if you have any questions, or just fancy saying hi!

Thanks for stopping by,
Molly x

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