A Chilly Thursday's Walk

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Last Thursday, Mum and I jumped in the car with Nellie the dog and visited one of our favourite walking spots in Suffolk, to make the most of the beautiful countryside before she and Dad pack their bags and move to Wales (warning: picture heavy post!).

One of the things I love about this place is how varied the various flora and fauna are, one minute you'll be weaving your way through the forest surrounded by mushrooms, dead leaves and woodlice and the next you find yourself surrounded by heather and fern. The beautiful flowers don't hurt either, mind...

After a while of me happily snapping away and throwing sticks for Nellie, mum insisted she take my photo to document possibly my last time at this gorgeous spot. I put my camera-shyness aside and obliged, can't you tell I'm a natural (snort). For reference I'm wearing my Topshop Peter Pan collar coat, Daisy Street stripe top, Topshop Leigh jeans and Monki Chelsea boots.

Isn't Nells a little cutie?! After half an hour or so of barking tirelessly at and then retrieving sticks, she happily trotted along after Mum and I as we chatted and laughed at her cute walk (the hopdy-skipdy walk as we call it).

Mum and I foraged for pine cones, dead ferns and pine needles for a roaring fire at home, leaving with a very prosperous two bags full! Unfortunately I forgot to let them dry, and so we didn't have the chance to use them before I left for university... But it's the thought that counts, eh?

After all the excitement, Nellie was a little tuckered out and had to have a quick sit down, before bravely soldiering on for a little longer until we reached the car. Don't worry though, a bowlful of food and water and a comfy bed greeted her at home!

All in all we had a lovely, relaxing walk at one of my favourite spots in the country. Tired out from all the walking, we waived our goodbyes, then headed home for a well deserved cup of tea and our pyjamas.

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