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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

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Another week has been and gone, which means one thing - another week closer to freshers. A lot of you, like me, will be frantically shoving every item of clothing you can into every suitcase you can find, after all who knows what university life will throw at you? Why wouldn't you need three different leather jackets? As such, this week I'll be focusing on the style items you should be giving top packing priority to, and the items you should perhaps leave in a dark corner of your wardrobe at home.

Long sleeves are your friends.
As we covered in the last 'a lesson in' post, time is tight the morning before a lecture, and it's times when you find yourself still your pyjamas with five minutes to leave that you'll start to appreciate that trusty Breton stripe long sleeve top you so often neglect (or not in my case, my love for stripes runs deep). But why, you may ask? Simple: a long sleeve top is essential a t-shirt and cardigan rolled neatly up into one. No time wasted deciding which cardigan or shirt to layer over which cami, with long sleeves you're kept cosy and stylish with minimal effort. Furthermore it's a near guarantee that every basic long sleeve top will look effortlessly cool when paired with you're favourite skinny jeans, so that's the bottoms sorted too. I personally recommend the Daisy Street Slubby Stripe Top, which is super comfy and a little Parisian. Tres chic.

Jeans are also your friends.
The same premise applies as with long sleeve tops here, jeans can be thrown on with any old top and will be sure to look great. No need to fret about what the unpredictable British weather will throw your way, jeans are friends through sunshine and through rain (poetic). Unfortunately after a year of constant wear (seriously, my jeans have attended more lectures than most of the student population) mine are looking a little... shall we say well loved? A serious jeans shopping session is in order for the coming term.

Know your university.
This was the one big mistake I made last year. I packed a suitcase full of chunky knit cardis and jumpers for the impending winter term, only to find that by the time I'd walked to a lecture I was sweating like nobody's business. In other words I hadn't considered I'd be attending a hilly university in the warmest part of England, instead packing for the chilly Suffolk climate I'd become so accustomed to, where hills are few and far between. So before you shove every boldly patterned cardigan in sight into your suitcase, have a little google session to determine if you'll actually be needing them. Likewise if you're moving from a warmer to colder climate, maybe invest in a few cosy knitted jumpers.

Loungewear is a necessity.
I spent a good fifty percent of my first year, if not more, slouching around and my bet is you will too. Having something comfortable to wear is therefore an essential, whether it be leggings and a comfy tee or just pyjamas, you need to have something in your arsenal for days when you can't be arsed to get dressed. The key in wearing loungewear all the time and not feeling like a slob is finding something comfy yet cute that you don't mind your flatmates seeing you in (maybe save your treasured stained and ripped Care Bear pyjama top for the privacy of you own bed) and that you won't have to quickly change out of everytime someone knocks on your door. I usually go for the leggings and comfy daytime top combination with an aran cardi for when it gets chilly, but anything will do.

Out and about.
I recommend adding something I like to call the 'three-way dress' (giggle, giggle) to your university wardrobe. A dress than when paired with flats can be worn to the pub or shopping, with heels clubbing, or with chunky heels and a jacket to a meal or bar is a great thing to have in your wardrobe. The trick is to find something which perfectly blends casual and dressy, something which can be easily moulded to any occasion with a few simple accessories - for me this is the Motel Savannah Dress. A few rings, some heels, lippy and a clutch and voila! I'm ready for a night on the town (cheesy, I know), but with a coat and maybe some ankle boots I'm not too dressy for the pub. Saves splashing out on three dresses, and who doesn't love playing around with accessories?

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