The Ultimate Lunchtime Salad

Sunday, 7 September 2014


In a strange twist of events, in the last week our usually empty fridge was full of delights such as sundried tomatoes (home made at that), olives, low fat cheese and spinach. A lot of spinach. And so this little baby was born - filling, healthy and tasty to boot, say hello to your newest lunchtime buddy!

To whip up one serving you will need:
Half a cup of uncooked bulgar wheat (or couscous, pasta, whatever you fancy)
A handful of baby tomatoes (roughly five)
Five or so sundried tomatoes
One clove of garlic
A large handful of olives (black, green, fresh or jarred, whatever)
One and a half tablespoons of olive oil
Half a tablespoon of white wine vinegar
Generous pinch of ground black pepper
Little pinch of salt
One to two handfuls of spinach, stalks removed
Sprig of basil, chopped
Grated low fat cheese to taste

1. Pop on the kettle and cook the bulgar wheat according to the packets instructions, whilst steaming the spinach until wilted.
2. In the mean time, roughly chop your fresh tomatoes and garlic and pop them in a blender or food processor along with your olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Whiz until you reach a pesto-like consistency and put to the side.
3. Chop the remaining fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and olives into small pieces, and chuck them in with your blitzed tomato dressing. Add the lot to the now cooked bulgar wheat along with the spinach and mix until evenly dressed.
4. Garnish with basil and grated cheese, find a nice spot to sit down, and dig in!

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